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15 May 2003 Language file updates:

German (Deutsch) lang-de.tar.gz (15kb)
French (Français) lang-fr.tar.gz (13kb)
Dutch (Nederlands) lang-nl.tar.gz (14kb)

3 April 2003 Report Magic 2.21 is now available.

Sample results from Report Magic Report Magic makes usable statistics from your web site log file analysis. You have questions about your web site:

  • Where are my visitors coming from?
  • What search words and engines do my visitors use?
  • Are there peak traffic times? Are there slow seasons?
  • What browsers are my visitors using?
  • What operating systems do my visitors run?
  • Are there broken links on my site or other sites that link to mine?
  • Which pages do visitors request the most?
  • What ISP's or companies do my visitors connect from?

By harnessing the power of Analog and building readable, compelling reports, Report Magic can answer these questions and help you and the rest of your organization understand how your web site is used.

Sample Reports

Check out the sample report to get an idea of what Report Magic can do.

Features and Benefits

  • Illustrative line, bar and pie charts allow you to analyze trends and quickly interpret information.
  • Descriptions on each report help you understand the data they represent.
  • Easy-to-read tables put exact information at your fingertips.
  • Powerful and customizable. You can configure colors and fonts so that it integrates with the theme of your web site.
  • A dozen languages to choose from.
  • Portable. It will run on any platform that Perl will run on. There are also pre-compiled binary versions for Windows and Macintosh platforms.
  • Easy to setup and automate for hosting companies with command-line control.

Who's using it?

Take a look at some unsolicited comments from happy users.


See the Add-Ons page for ways to enhance Report Magic and the latest language files.


If you are considering translating Report Magic into a new langauge, check out this page for tips and guidelines.


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