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Report Magic is used by an estimated 35,000 orgnaizations in 150 countries around the world — from Global 5000 companies to world-class universities and government organizations, not to mention the many small, home grown web sites, mom-and-pop shops, and Small and Medium Enterpises. All of whom have found Report Magic to be a valuable, affordable, trustworthy solution. (Find about 8,000 examples with a Google search!)

Report Magic has lots of happy users. Here are some unsolicited comments from people all over the world.

"You really have done a fantastic job, everything looks great, and is easy to use even for the newbie. Kudos!
"I look forward to telling everyone I know about your product and awesome support."
  Sean Stephens
  Treefrog Interactive, Inc.

"The more I use it, the more I love it. It's become the final choice for our site here at the CeFoNT of University of Cantabria (Spain) Thank you once again"
  Francisco Ramos Martín
  Centro de Formación en Nuevas Tecnologías
  Universidad de Cantabria

"By the way, I think your product is great! I recommend it to all my friends. I've always thought analog was great because it was fast, but I disliked the plain HTML output. I am pleased with the speed in which Report Magic creates its graphs."
  Allen Porter
  Interactive Software Design Manager

"I should thank you for making Report Magic, which is extremely useful software for us. Together with Analog, this generates very fast and pretty statistics. I plan to deploy it for our 500+ web sites, as an alternative to WebTrends, which just wasn't able to deal with the volume of things here."
  Michiel van Wessem
  World Wide Web Communications, Inc.

"I just ran a quick test using the default settings. I wanted to see what the output was like. BLEW MY SOCKS OFF! As soon as I get some time I will be reading the docs and working on a tailored config file. Then I'll be moving it to the web."
  Mike Avila

"Thank you for the great Report Magic program. I've seen a lot of statistics programs, my opinion was that Analog worked the best for me. The only problem was its output, but now with Report Magic the output files look great."
  Bart Wehrens

"I really appreciate your making ReportMagic available. It truly does produce professional quality reports and couldn't be easier to setup and use."
  Ken Wilson, President
  TravelPro Web Technologies

"It's the greatest tool on the web for sophisticated stats."
  Andreas Krause
  comkom Distribution and Marketing

"I'm ditching SSX [Microsoft Site Server Express] and going back to Analog with my new best friend, Report Magic."
  Bobby Hitt

Lots more comments here!

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