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With Report Magic for Analog, everyone can create great looking website statistics reports. Report Magic for Analog uses the Computer Readable Output format created by Analog, the most popular logfile analyser in the world. Using this and some simple settings you provide, Report Magic formats beautiful reports with tables, descriptions and graphs.

Using Report Magic for Analog, you can easily maintain a consistent company image with all your reports. By designing the report format to mimic your site's colors and graphics, you can have Analog's statistics reports seem to "fit-in" with the rest of your website. Report Magic for Analog lets you set things like font, foreground and background colors, background images, color themes, and more, thus ensuring a perfect fit with your already desiged site.

This documentation is divided into several section, that are briefly highlighted below.

Quick Start

To learn more about Report Magic for Analog, especially if this is your first time using it, start here. This gives you a step-by-step guide to setting up Report Magic to format your website statistics reports.

What's New

What's New gives a brief overview of the new features the latest versions has to offer. Look this over if you're upgrading to see what has been changed.

Changing the Language

Report Magic can produce reports in several languages. To configure Report Magic to run in a different langauge set the Language setting in the [statistics] section of your settings file for the reports you're running.

Running From CGI

You can run Report Magic as a CGI program to provide instant response from a web-based form. To do this you will have to configure some options, including telling it where to find Analog.


If you prefer to learn by example, then check out the samples folder in the distribution. These settings files and stylesheets can help you learn some tricks for improving the integration of your statistics with your website.


If you have not already read the Readme File be sure to check it for last minute changes and notices.


If you're having problems with Report Magic and you think everything is set up right, take a look at the FAQ for solutions to some common problems. If that doesn't solve it, go to the Bugs Page online to see if a patch is available or a quick solution. If neither of these works, you can sign up for the Report Magic Help mailing list and post your questions there.


The configuration commands used in your settings file are listed and described in Building your Settings File. The letters (and letter combinations) used for some of the settings to specify columns or report are listed in the Columns Reference. An overview of the formats for the settings file are in the File Formats Reference and a detailed discussion of the date formats used in the settings file and the language and definition files is in the Date Format Reference.

Advanced Options

If you're familiar with Report Magic and want to do more, check out the advanced options page for more technical ideas.


Many people have helped to make Report Magic portable, international, fast and possbile. In fact, there's a whole page devoted just to them. See here.

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