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This page is a resource for Report Magic Translators. Comments and questions are always welcome at . Last updated 12 February 2005.

When translating Report Magic to a new language you need to translate all the material in rdata.ini, cdata.ini and lang.ini and preferrably the comments in rmagic.ini. Obviously, the names of sections and parameters need to remain the same. Several translators have taken it upon themselves to translate the comments in all files which is a boon to non-english uses, especially for the rmagic.ini file as this becomes, in effect, a translated reference. Also in the rmagic.ini file, it is nice to localize the items in the [website] section.

As of version 2.20, language files need just translate the items listed in the English file located at lang/en/*.ini in the distribution.

When converting to non-ASCII characters, we've come up with the following standard. All the elements in lang.ini are separated between output messages or HTML report text. The text in cdata.ini and rdata.ini are used only in HTML reports.

  • In HTML ouptut, use HTML entities (e.g. ì for ì)
  • .
  • In comments user local character-set ASCII (e.g. ì for ì)
  • In output messages use either local character-set ASCII (which DOS doesn't support all that well) or "faked characters" (e.g. i` for ì)

If you've made a new translation, please let us know at so we can include it in the next version of Report Magic. Also, in the top of each file, please update the "last modified" line with your name and the date you changed it.

Language Files

Your best bet for translations is to download the latest copy of Report Magic, look at the language files already there and translate them. You can download the language files from here

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