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Report Magic Add Ons

The following third-party add-ons are available for Report Magic. These are listed here for your convenience, but we provide no guarantee that they work or have even been tested. For support on these add-ons please contact the authors directly.

Mail Log Extension
Stephan Reichenbach has extended Joey Hess's maillog2commonlog to include support for Report Magic. This package will allow you to parse your mail server logs with Analog and Report Magic. It includes English lanaguage files for Report Magic so the reports include the right terms.
Stephan Reichenbach, free.
Stats Automator For IIS
Cédric Caron has written a VBScript to generate usage statistics for each IIS web site configured on the server. The script can also, optionally, delete the old log files (rotation). You will need Windows Scripting Host to run this.
Cédric Caron, free.
Webstats is a front/backend for report magic. It helps manage statistics created by Analog and Report Magic for multiple virtual domains hosted on one Unix server.
Pat Erler, free.
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Sample Batch File For Windows
A sample batch file to use as a starting point for automating your own statistics on a Windows machine. Requires PowerArchiver command line (PACL) utility.
John E. Hersey / HERSEY & Associates CC, free.
Chinese True Type Fonts
To support graphs in the Traditional Chinese language, you will need to use True Type fonts. This archive includes a public domain traditional Chinese font file, bkai00mp.ttf.
Arphic Technology, free.
Calendar Interface for Microsoft ASP/VBScript
A couple ASP files that can be used to implement a calendar tool for selecting reports. Note that you must create your own process for building the appropriate reports files for each day, month, or year.
Aengus Lawlor, free.
Mac OS X Fink Install File
To install Report Magic and on your Mac OS X system, use fink or Fink Commander to get the rmagic package and install from there.

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