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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I do (some feature) in Analog?

Look at the Analog documentation. It's there. Really. If you can't figure it out or can't find it, try joining the Analog-help mailing list and posting your question there.

I get a GD error when I try to run Report Magic

or, GD won't build when I try to install Report Magic

or, libgd won't build. It can't find 'jpeg' (or other resource).

As described in the Source Package Installation instructions,you must install libgd before you can install GD (the Perl module). You must install GD before Report Magic will run. When installing libgd, you will likely need to edit the Makefile for the gd library to tell it which optional components (TTF support, Jpeg support, XPM support) should be added. When you build GD, it now asks you which of these options you built libgd with. Please remeber the options and answer accordingly. It should build without issue thereafter.

The "Most Active" quantity in my time reports not right

The Most Active entry will list the last line of the report whether or not it appears to be most active, if you have set your Active_Column to a column that is not in the report. For example, if your report only show columns for page request (P) and percent of page requests (p), then set the Active_Column for that report (or all your reports) to P or p.

Why don't I get any pie charts?

When configuring Report Magic, you set the column that you consider the most important as the Active_Column in your settings file. That is, if you are concerned about the number of pages requested and sent on your servers, you would set [reports] Active_Column to 'P'. This tells Report Magic what column to graph, in each report that has a graph, and what column to track for summaries in the Quick Summary report. If you aren't getting pie charts then Analog isn't producing 'Percent of page' (or Percent of Request or Percent of Bytes) data. Change this either by adding a Active_Column section specific to the offending report in that report's section, or by modifying your Analog config file to include both 'P' and 'p' (or 'R' and 'r' or 'B' and 'b') in the *COLS commands for the reports in question.

I'm still confused about how Report Magic decides what charts to build. Can you elaborate?

Report Magic determines it's charts based on the GraphType setting, the ActiveColumn setting and the available columns of data.

GraphType takes a comma-separated list of types of graphs that you want Report Magic to produce for the report. Valid values are pie, bar and line.

ActiveColumn takes a single character representing the column to chart: P, B, or R.

The value of ActiveColumn is case-insensitive. So if you set it to p, b, or r, you should get the same charts you do when set to P, B, or R.


To get both a bar and a line chart, simply set your GraphType value like this:

   GraphType = bar,pie

If your data contains both the count and percent values for the column you have chosen in your ActiveColumn (e.g. if you have ActiveColumn=R and your data has both R and r columns) then you will get both charts. Otherwise it will only plot the chart that it has data for.

Why don't my bullets show up in the navigation page?

The bullets are images specified by the Bullet_Image setting in the [navigation] section of your configuration file. This setting should point, virtually, to the bullet image, relative to the completed navigation page. In other words, whatever you put in here (say, "image/bar1.gif") end up as the SRC attribute of the IMG tag for the bullet. So when the navigation page is loaded by your browser it looks for the file relative to that page. (If the navigation page is in "/stats/navfile.html" as specified by the File_Out setting in the [navigation] section, then the image above should be in your website area in "/stats/images/bar1.gif".)

Other Questions

For questions not answered here or in the docs or suggestions for future versions, please try the Report Magic Help mailing list. See the Report Magic mailing lists page for information on joining.

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