Report Magic

We did a survey of our users and asked them for comments. Following are some of the things they said:

"Nice piece of work. I like what you've done."

"I love your product, and use it exclusively to produce our web site reports for our funders! Thanks for making it freely available to poor non-profit/academic types like me with limited resources!"

"An excellent tool."

"Report Magic ROCKS!! Please Keep up the FINE Work."

"Thanks for your great work!"

"Keep Up The Good Work!"

"A great tool!"

"Its a great bit of software that runs quickly and produces good results."

"Great program!"

"Thank you for supporting the community with such great work."

"Thank you for such a useful and flexible product. We use your product here... and are very pleased."

"We love your product: you have turned the best analysing tool into the best reporting tool."

"Excellent work. Thanks!"

"Thank you so much to provide that tool, we treasure it a lot."

"Great application, keep it up!"

"Thanks great product."

"Very good piece of software; thank you."

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