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Reports Reference

Following is a reference of code letters and names for each report. The code letters are used in the Quick Summary rows setting ([QUICK]Rows). The names in all caps are used for report-specific sections of your settings file. If a code letter is not given, then the report can not be included in the Quick Summary.

Code Letter Section Name Meaning
  GENERAL General Summary
1 YEARLY Yearly Report
Q QUARTERLY Quarterly Report
m MONTHLY Monthly Report
W WEEKLY Weekly Report
D DAILYREP Daily Report
d DAILYSUM Daily Summary
H HOURLYREP Hourly Report
h HOURLYSUM Hourly Summary
w WEEKHOUR Hour of the Week Summary
4 QUARTERREP Quarter-Hour Report
6 QUARTERSUM Quarter-Hour Summary
5 FIVEREP Five-Minute Report
7 FIVESUM Five-Minute Summary
S HOST Host Report
l REDIRHOST Host Redirection Report
L FAILHOST Host Failure Report
Z ORGANISATION Organization Report
o DOMAIN Domain Report
r REQUEST Request Report
i DIRECTORY Directory Report
t FILETYPE File Type Report
z SIZE File Size Report
P PROCTIME Procesing Time Report
E REDIR Redirection Report
I FAILURE Failure Report
f REFERRER Referring URL Report
s REFSITE Referring Site Report
N SEARCHQUERY Search Query Report
n SEARCHWORD Search Word Report
Y INTSEARCHQUERY Intneral Search Query Report
y INTSEARCHWORD Internal Search Word Report
k REDIRREF Redirected Referrer Report
K FAILREF Failed Referrer Report
B BROWSERREP Browser Report
b BROWSERSUM Browser Summary
p OSREP Operating System Report
v VHOST Virtual Host Report
u USER User Report
j REDIRUSER User Redirection Report
J FAILUSER User Failure Report
c STATUS Status Code Report
  QUICK Quick Summary
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